Sweet Talk: Putting Diabetes in Its Place!

A Coaching Group for Parents with T1D Kids

This coaching group is for parents like you.  You’ll get more perspective on your child’s diagnosis, gain the skills you need for type 1 diabetes management in the real world, and reduce the impact of diabetes on family relationships.  And you will develop the tools you need to stay sane


As the mother of two kids with T1D, JoAnne Robb clearly “gets” the daily struggles of parenting a child with diabetes. More than that, JoAnne’s gift lies in her ability to provide honest guidance within a positive and supportive framework. She combines humor with thoughtful advice to help you figure out your own answers to the problems coming your way. One always feels they have JoAnne’s undivided attention, a rarity in today’s world.
— T1D parent


It seems like diabetes is the only thing you can focus on, talk or think about.


You’re limiting what your child eats in order to manage blood sugars

You’re fighting with your partner about management

You have a non-diabetic child who’s angry and withdrawn or hates diabetes

Your T1D kid is over 12 and still unable to go to a birthday party or play date on his or her own

You’re addicted to Dexcom share 

You can’t find any time for self care

Learn how to manage diabetes without letting it run your life

Better regulate your emotional reactions to your “new normal” with diabetes

Learn new tools, skills, and language for managing the impact of diabetes on your family and in your relationships

Feel less alone and anxious

Build self compassion


* Online video meetings (Don’t worry: nothing you need to do or have other than a computer with a built-in webcam)

* meetings will last for 1.5 hours

* five meetings over 9 weeks

* meetings are from 11:00-12:30 PST on Wednesdays:  February 27th, March 6th, March 20th, April 3rd, and April 17th


Please note:  This is a coaching group, designed to help parents gain skills around the emotional side of managing a T1D diagnosis.  This is NOT a therapy group.  

During the course of the group, you will be part of a private Facebook page which I will check weekly to address concerns and questions related to our coaching goals.  



 As a mother with two T1D kids, as well as psychotherapist experienced working with both teens and adults with T1D, I’m uniquely positioned to help other parents as they transition and negotiate this new world.  I understand what it’s like and want to help make it easier for you than it was for me.


Still have questions?  Feel free to CONTACT me.