It’s painful and frightening when important relationships go awry



Whether you’re struggling in a relationship with a partner, a child, a beloved friend -- or even your relationship with yourself -- when it’s off, it really affects you.  You think of yourself as a caring, thoughtful person, but that’s not matching up with some of the ways you find yourself behaving when you’re struggling to get your needs met.  You feel anxious about whether you’re doing it “right” and, ultimately, whether you’re capable of having the relationships you want.  


You’re proactive and you’ve tried to make things better -- read books, talked to friends, maybe even gone to workshops or even tried therapy before -- but you feel like you end up in the same stuck place.  You don’t want to worry about yourself or your decisions so much. You don’t want to analyze each move you make and question everyone’s good intentions.  Instead, you want to have joyful, connected experiences with yourself and the people you love.


In therapy with me, you’ll find a place where you won’t have to be on guard, worried that you’ve got it wrong or that you don’t deserve the relationships you want.  You’ll find that I approach you with compassion, warmth, and thoughtfulness, sprinkled with humor.  With me, you’ll find a safe place to explore your personal story.  I’m deeply curious about your narrative -- about what makes you tick. 

I believe that having a safe place to explore opens possibilities for you to shift your understanding of yourself and your relationships; these shifts ultimately create ripples that make real change.