Whose Diagnosis Is This Anyway? The Impact of Type 1 on Parents

There’s no room at the ER; It’s one of those high-volume moments, so we’re sitting on a gurney in the bustling hallway.  The doctor is talking in a calm voice, despite the swirling hubbub.  

“The good news,” she tells my nine-year-old son, as though about to pronounce the victory of a beloved team in the World Series, “is that you will be able to live a totally normal life.  Your mother is smart and educated, “ she nods at me and I fleetingly wonder how she can know such a thing. “She will help you.  You’ll be able to do anything you want.”

Managing the Diabetes Police

You know who they are:  It’s your great uncle, who has the audacity to ask you what your last A1C is.  It’s your spouse who gives you that sideways look when you get up to help yourself to another serving of dessert.  It’s your mom who calls right in the middle of finals to see if you’ve been checking your sugar regularly since she’s noticed that you haven’t picked up a prescription refill on test strips in a while.